Who is Michael Castanon?

In a generation characterized by rising mental health concerns, Michael Castanon has remained a beacon of hope. As the founder and CEO of Alter Behavioral Health, host of the Alter’d Life Podcast, and the visionary behind Care Predictor, he has harnessed the power of innovation to transform lives.

With a focus on evidence-based treatments and scientific advancements, Michael has consistently demonstrated an unyielding commitment to improving success rates in the field of mental healthcare and is actively shaping a brighter future in mental and behavioral health.

Founder of Behavioral Health Companies

The following sections highlight some of Michael Castanon’s business ventures in behavioral health care.

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Treatment centers for mental health & substance abuse

As the CEO of Alter Behavioral Health, Michael has successfully assembled a skilled team of professionals, applying his strategic growth skills honed over two decades in executive roles within the financial sector. The organization has quickly risen to industry leadership under his direction, delivering exceptional care and support to those battling addiction and mental health challenges.

Alter Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive range of care levels to meet the diverse needs of its patients, ensuring personalized and effective treatment paths for each individual. Crisis stabilization services are available for immediate support in times of acute mental distress, providing a safe environment for patients to begin their recovery. The center’s residential inpatient treatment allows individuals to live on-site while receiving constant care and therapy, focusing on deep psychological healing. Partial hospitalization offers a structured treatment program bridging the gap between full hospitalization and outpatient care.

For those needing continued support with more flexibility, intensive outpatient programs enable patients to maintain their daily responsibilities while receiving treatment. After care transition services are crucial for easing patients back into society, offering resources and support as they take steps towards independence. Additionally, Alter Behavioral Health addresses substance abuse through drug & alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment, providing medical and therapeutic support to detoxify the body safely and promote long-term recovery from addiction. Each level of care is designed with the patient’s recovery and well-being as the utmost priority, harnessing a blend of advanced therapeutic modalities and compassionate support.


Assessment tools for developing behavioral health care people

In his latest venture, Care Predictor, Michael leverages data and innovative solutions to improve clinical performance prediction, hiring processes, and reduce bias in the behavioral healthcare field. The proprietary personality tests provided by Care Predictor help gauge suitability for therapeutic positions, providing hiring managers and HR professionals with the necessary tools to pinpoint top-performing employees. This aims to enhance care quality and competitiveness in the healthcare industry, proving once again, Michael’s dedication to revolutionize the mental health sector.

Care Predictor’s innovative approach extends beyond the hiring process, significantly increasing the effectiveness of behavioral treatment services and thereby improving overall outcomes for patients at Alter Behavioral Health and other participating facilities. By ensuring that the therapists and clinicians are optimal fits for their roles, patients receive more personalized and efficient care tailored to their unique needs. This level of personalized treatment facilitates a deeper therapeutic connection, fostering trust and open communication between patients and healthcare providers. The resulting improvement in clinical outcomes not only enhances the reputation of these facilities but also contributes to a higher rate of program completion, ultimately leading to long-term recovery and better mental health stability for those under their care.

Whether he’s developing ground-breaking mental health platforms, hosting insightful podcasts, speaking at health conferences, or revolutionizing the hiring processes in healthcare, Michael Castanon’s visionary leadership continues to drive immense change within the behavioral healthcare industry, promising a brighter tomorrow for mental health.


Virtual outpatient therapy for mental health and addiction

A pioneer in virtual mental health solutions, Michael spearheaded the development of Mindfuli. This platform connects individuals to affordable counselors and therapists, facilitating over 130,000 virtual care encounters to date. His efforts in bringing therapy to the fingertips of individuals has significantly transformed the landscape of mental healthcare.

Mindfuli goes beyond mere connectivity by implementing an evidence-based approach to virtual therapy. This not only democratizes access to mental health care but ensures that each patient receives treatment tailored to their specific needs. The platform’s innovative use of technology to facilitate real-time, secure communication between practitioners and patients breaks down the traditional barriers to mental health services. With a focus on convenience, confidentiality, and comprehensive care, Mindfuli represents a significant step forward in making mental health support more accessible and effective for those who might otherwise face challenges in seeking help.


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Free virtual group therapy option for the general public.

In his unwavering commitment to providing mental health resources, Michael established AlterCareLine, a no-cost virtual therapy service for mental health. The emotional support offered by trained specialists has been instrumental in helping individuals cope with difficult emotions and build healthier coping mechanisms.

AlterCareLine serves as a crucial lifeline for those in immediate need, offering a voice of reassurance and guidance during moments of crisis. By providing round-the-clock access to compassionate, non-judgmental support, it not only addresses the immediate emotional distress but also plays a vital role in preventing mental health crises from escalating. This accessibility to emotional support is instrumental in fostering a society where mental well-being is prioritized, and individuals are empowered to seek help without fear of stigma or judgment. Through AlterCareLine, Michael’s vision of a more inclusive and supportive mental health ecosystem takes a significant leap forward, offering tangible hope and healing to individuals across the nation.

Host of the Alter'd Life Podcast

In addition to his business ventures, Michael Castanon hosts the Alter’d Life Podcast. This platform aims to celebrate human connection, featuring guests who share their unique journeys of resilience and growth. It adds immensely to the collective understanding of the human spirit and provides a beacon of hope and inspiration to its listeners. Many episodes and clips from Michael’s podcast can be found on the official Alter’d Life Podcast Youtube channel

About Michael's Career

Visionary leader in behavioral healthcare, Michael has a long list of impressive accomplishments. In this video we explore his many companies and achievements.

In this episode of the Alter’d Life Podcast, host Michael Castanon engages in a heartfelt conversation with Cole Dyar, the Executive Director of Mental Health Network at Northbound Treatment Services, and Samantha Colicchio, Creative Director at SouthSwell Digital Marketing.

They explore the intricacies of dealing with mental health challenges within relationships, shedding light on Relationship OCD (ROCD) and the transformative power it can have within a partnership. Both Cole and Samantha share their personal experiences, revealing how understanding, compassion, and growth have become pivotal in their journey of turning pain into resilience.

Listening to the stories of others on plays a pivotal role in fostering deep human connections, inspiring hope, and nurturing growth. The Alter’d Life Podcast creates spaces where individuals feel safe and encouraged to share their lived experiences, which enables the cultivation of empathy and understanding within the broader community. This act of sharing and listening bridges diverse backgrounds and perspectives, revealing common threads of resilience, challenges, and triumphs.

It is through this shared narrative that people find solace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles. These stories of overcoming adversity serve as powerful reminders of the human capacity for strength and renewal, offering light to those navigating their own paths of healing and growth.

Press & Media

In launching Care Predictor, a breakthrough assessment tool for behavioral healthcare practitioners, Castanon and his team focused on a variable that has significantly influenced the success of treatment outcomes: The Therapeutic Alliance.

Ensuring that the right individuals occupy the appropriate roles within the mental health workforce can profoundly impact outcomes, increase therapeutic alliance,  and improve rapport between clients, clinicians, and support staff.

“Be patient with yourself and with the process. This is critical. There isn’t a perfect script or formula. Everyone has their unique path, and it takes time to find the path that works for you, so be patient.”

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